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I’m down almost 13 pounds this month, woohoo!


It’s always time for a #Guinness (Taken with instagram)

It’s always time for a #Guinness (Taken with instagram)

Great Divide + Untappd: Social Media Done Right
Check out the latest post on here:

Great Divide + Untappd: Social Media Done Right

Check out the latest post on here:

Drinking a much needed @newbelgium Shift after work (Taken with instagram)

Drinking a much needed @newbelgium Shift after work (Taken with instagram)

read about my trip to Equinox Brewing at my new blog

Here’s a great new video from one of my favorite bands to drink to, Murder by Death. I was fortunate to see them a couple of times last year and they blew me away. While down in Texas recording their new album, they filmed a couple of striped-dow (via Murder By Death - “No Oath, No Spell”)


Platinum, while remaining Lifestyle.

By Linda Blair

Bud Light has been something of a benchmark for shitty beer for me. So, when InBev announced Bud Light Platinum Plus Pro 2.0, I was nothing short of thrilled. One of my major criticisms of Bud Light is that the name isn’t long enough, or metallic enough to make it appeal to today’s savvy beer drinker.

Thankfully, the brilliant minds at InBev realized that the recent trend of drinking beer that isn’t Bud Light has nothing to do with the fact that some people don’t like beer that tastes like it’s served from a pissed-in urinal.  These visionaries understand that the reason their market share is declining is that their regular beers don’t have enough alcohol in them (possibly true) and that they are not PREMIUM enough.  If there is one thing that appeals to a generation of unemployed and over-educated hippies, it’s PREMIUM stuff that is also LIFESTYLE.

After hiring the image consultant Murilee Martin, they learned that the “problemwith Bud Light isn’t the way it tastes, or that you always get full before you get drunk. No, the “problem” is that Bud Light does not reflect the LIFESTYLE of today’s modern, active, socially-aware beer drinker.  It’s basically analogous to how Pepsi was totally replaced by Crystal Clear Pepsi and Coca-Cola was totally replaced with New Coke.

Anyway, I bought a sixer of Bud Light Platinum and drank it prior to the Super Bowl. In this time before the Super Bowl, I watched the Michigan State vs. michigan basketball game with a law-student, a high-ranking state government staffer and a marketing professional. I was definitely enjoying Bug Light Platinum Pro Tungsten Z-Force Blu as it was meant to be enjoyed. I was enjoying it as a part of my Premium Lifestyle.

As I watched the heroic Michigan State Spartans dismantle the (mostly) white kids at Jim Crow University  , I was struck by how PREMIUM Bud Light Platinum tasted, even after half a pint of whiskey.  With every sip, I was reminded of how I worked hard during the week at my hip job, but still had time to hang out at the very coolest watering holes in my Cool City.

I often caught myself fantasizing about meeting my friends (who I would ironically refer to as my “bros”)  after my workout. We’d meet at this bar downtown that served PBR for $3-a-can and micro-titty-craft brewz for $8. My “buddies” would all order craft-brews, but I would order a Bud Light Platinum F-Series with the Tow Package. I’d explain that my LIFESTYLE demands a beer that has a 6.0 ABV and tastes like the kind of beer that turned my uncles into whiskey-only guys.  My “bros” would respect me and secretly want to jerk me off.

In summary, Bud Light Platinum X-factor Z-max 7 is a beer that will push the average cubicle-dweller that much closer to buying the actual handgun that will facilitate their suicide. If any beer could truly embody the absolute and incomprehensible horror that is modern professional life, Bud Light Platinum Black Label Spirit X is that beer.

We’ve gotten over 10 inches of snow here in Denver since last night, and we’re expected to get a few more inches by tonight. The whole city is pretty much shut down, and I’m working from home. It’s a beautiful thing.

Just over a week ago, it was 72 degrees and felt like spring was already here. We took advantage of the gorgeous day and bottled Terry Porter. The amazing weather, and wearing shorts and flip flops almost helped me forget what a pain in the ass bottling can be.

With the Brown Ale and Irish Red Ale, we noticed some inconsistency in the carbonation from bottle to bottle. We saw these “Carbonation Drops” at Stomp Them Grapes and figured we’d give them a try. Instead of making a syrup with priming sugar and adding it to the whole batch, you add one drop to each bottle before siphoning in the beer. We’ll see how they do. Having the StarSan and PBW ready to go, we sanitized a carboy, and moved our latest brew into secondary fermentation. It’s an American IPA featuring Chinook, Columbus, Cascade, and Amarillo hops.

57th Batch with Denver Beer Co.

From The Adventurous 500:

The idea behind Denver Beer Company is simple. Good beer is best enjoyed with friends, fresh air, and a bit of adventurous spirit to sharpen the palate. Their craft brewery specializes in artisan and seasonal varieties of premium ales and lagers made from the best ingredients around. Brewed with traditional methods and innovative spirit, Denver Beer Company’s beer is always fresh and flavorful. Their beer is serious fun. Enjoy this adventurous look into Denver Beer Company!


picture of a 3 pack of 33 bottles of beer journals

inside of 33 bottles of beer journal

A while back, I saw these on uncrate and didn’t exactly see the point. Why would you ever need to take notes on the beer you taste, and why would you need a special journal to keep them in? After working on this blog over the past few months, I’ve found myself scratching notes on napkins and junk-mail more and more when drinking new beers. Last week, I remembered seeing these beer journals, and for only 12 bucks for 3 books, I thought I’d give them a try.

 33 Bottles of Beer Journals were developed by Dave Selden, co-founder of BS Brewing, a Portland, Oregon homebrewing group. The books give plenty of space to write the beer’s name, brewer, serving type, etc. and have a clever flavor wheel that help record and define the many complex flavors of beer. These pocket sized beer diaries may be a bit nerdy, but when you’re talking about “IBUs”, “ABV”, ”mouth feel” and “hop profile” - you’re already fighting a losing battle.


We’re moving to WordPress and a new domain. I’m going to try and keep posting here, but it’s becoming clear that tumblr is for porn and teenage girls - and often a combination of both. 

Bad Beer Review No. 1: Genesee Ice

By Bill S. Donahue

Welcome to Bad Beer Review, a new feature here on Beer-Man, tumblr’s only nudity-free blog.While your regular host, Ryan typically focuses on reviewing the very finest brews, I’ve chosen a different path. Yes, here we will focus on the lesser libations.

Since everyone already knows that Natural Light is bad, I’ll be making a special effort to step off the beaten path in search of the hidden gems of garbage beer. I’ll go as far as the liquor store at the end of my block to bring you beers from beloved makers of mass-market chemical urine, ironically beloved purveyors of hobo-hooch, and even (budget permitting) the misbegotten children of some of your very favorite craft breweries. Such is my love and respect for you, the reader(s) of

To be clear, I love “good” beer as much as anyone but, I’m not what you’d call a connoisseur. I’ve never brewed anything myself and whenever my friends talk about hop profiles and mouth-feel, I just nod approvingly. Sometimes I stick my nose in my glass because I have seen people do that when taste beer.  I’m not ashamed to admit that every time I visit a brewery, I order beer based solely on alcohol content, the higher the better. So, if you are expecting nuanced, expert analysis, steer clear of this byline. 

Also, if you come here for the excellent photography, be prepared to be sorely disappointed. I’ll be using my iPhone and I won’t be spending a lot of time getting it to look right. It’s not because I don’t care about you, it’s because I wouldn’t even no where to start. 

In short, these reviews will be slapped together with the same kind of disdain for craftsmanship and contempt for the consumer that gave us the beers themselves. One final note before we get to our first beer: If you happen to own or represent the brewery that produces any of the reviewed beers, you are welcome to offer a retort.  

Ok, I think I’ve covered the introduction, on to the review. 

I picked up a tall boy of Genessee Ice at the Jackpot Party Store in Lansing, MI. Since I was buying a whole bunch of cheap beer that I had never seen before, I neglected to record the price. In the future, I’ll try to include it in the review. Beer usually doesn’t last long in my house, but I will admit that the first round of Bad Beer Review Beers have been staring back at me from the back of the fridge for almost a week. I actually drank a glass of anti-freeze before I got desperate enough to open one.  

At first, I took a swig straight out of the can, as I’m sure that’s how most Genessee Ice connoisseurs get it done. Pouring it into a glass however, produced a thin head that dissipated quickly. It’s a lot darker in color than I expected, deep orange, almost like Bells Two-Hearted Ale. 

Initially it was very sweet but for a cheap beer, the flavor wasn’t too bad. The malt flavor that sometimes accompanies sweetness was absent, as far as I could tell. Once the stuff slides down your gullet, there is a mild, chemical aftertaste that hangs around forever and just gets more and more pronounced. It also made my mouth really dry, like maybe I was drinking a solvent of some kind.

It is however, by far not the worst beer I have ever had; it’s drinkable if only in the most literal sense. I was hoping and expecting it to be a lot worse but in reality, it’s a pretty inoffensive cheap beer, especially if you can ignore the aftertaste and the fact that it makes your stomach feel like it’s full of cheap beer right away. Would I recommend it? If you need a 5.5% buzz but only have High Life money, I still probably wouldn’t recommend it. But, if I came across a dead bum, and he had half a sixer of GI on him, I’d bend down and grab it. Looks like I’m going to have to look a little harder to find a beer that is truly worthy of a Bad Beer Review.